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UMN EXT Youth Development Podcast

University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development Extension educators discuss research, theory and best practices.

Topics include: youth programs, youth issues, evaluation, volunteer development, cultural diversity and social and emotional learning.

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Jul 14, 2022

Programming with youth during the pandemic required us to creatively think OUTSIDE the box and find solutions for how we continue to connect with youth through distance learning options.  Now that we are returning to a more “normal” programming environment… how do we capture what we have learned and continue to...

May 25, 2022

Even with the best intentions… Youth programming isn't always successful… how do you evaluate those challenges and turn a failure into success?

Listen to Extension educator, Nicole Kudrle, and two youth leaders, Maggie and Ryan, who turned an unsucessful youth event into an opportunity to reflect through a process...

May 19, 2022

Learn about a virtual program that was created to teach youth about American Sign Language (ASL).  Educators Mindy Grant,  Bri Fisher, Jenny Cable share how they utilized statewide partnerships and local community members to access the expertise and experience needed to guide youth learning around ASL.  Youth voice was...

Apr 28, 2022

How can young people learn how to be better allies for their LGBTQ+ peers and ensure safe places for everyone to participate in youth programs?

In this podcast, Joe Rand, Extension educator & Director of Diversity Equity Inclusion and Accessibility, Dianna Kennedy, Extension educator and two 4-H State...

Apr 14, 2022

Over the last couple years youth workers have been forced into change and moved into situations where they had to be innovators… How can those experiences be utilized to continue in the mode of being changemakers?

Becky Meyer (Center for Youth Development), Nate Meyer (Program Leader, Center for AFNR, and Mary Jo...