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UMN EXT Youth Development Podcast

University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development Extension educators discuss research, theory and best practices.

Topics include: youth programs, youth issues, evaluation, volunteer development, cultural diversity and social and emotional learning.

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Apr 28, 2022

How can young people learn how to be better allies for their LGBTQ+ peers and ensure safe places for everyone to participate in youth programs?

In this podcast, Joe Rand, Extension educator & Director of Diversity Equity Inclusion and Accessibility, Dianna Kennedy, Extension educator and two 4-H State Ambassadors, Victoria and Rachel discuss a youth-led initiative that created a program, called "Let’s talk about Gender Identity” for youth to learn how to be better allies.  Although the program was delivered to 4-H members online, ways to implement the program in other youth settings and in-person are discussed. 

LGBTQ+ Resources
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